Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Metronome; Getting Sick; Swimming Again

I finally got a metronome (from Amazon). I really like it and I’m getting used to moving my feet a bit faster.

I had some sort of cold the last 3 weeks and as a result I had to cut back my training. Since running is the focus, and following the Core Performance workout is part of that, I didn’t want to cut those. So I cut my swimming. I missed it, but was glad that I had something I could cut back on and not impact the core of my workout.

Now that I feel better I started swimming last night. And since running is the focus I’ve decided to do about 2,000 yards a workout with the focus on stroke drills and IM.  Since I am still learning the TI method I have plenty of drills to do.

Ran 4 miles in 35 min; 69 degrees out
- Shoulders very tight
- Using Metronome at 57
6x 150 Alt. swim/kick
8x 100 drill (Zipper, Over, Under, Swim)
200 kick
100 swim
2,000 total

Ran with the Stillwater Marathon training group
7 miles in 1:05 min; 35 degrees out at start, ended at 50
- Had pacer (and others) to run with

Ran 3 miles in 28 min; 45 degrees out
- No metronome

Ran 3 miles in 28 min; 48 degrees out
-Using Metronome at 57
skipped swimming

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