Thursday, April 1, 2010

St. Patrick’s Day Human Race 8k

I ran my second race ever on Sunday, the St. Patrick’s Day Human Race 8k. I finished in 38:53 (7:49 per mile)! I was shocked to go that fast, and it was a huge confidence boost. I think my technique must be working as I felt pretty good on the run. I’m excited at setting the bar higher and think I should have a good showing at the Stillwater Half Marathon.

Special thanks to the guys I hung with for the first two miles (at 8 min miles); and to the woman who ran the last mile with me. Her heavy breathing right behind me helped push me along. And then she passed me at the end and I had to really fight to keep up. Thanks.

Skipped run to relax from race
- Stroke felt off after 5 days out of the pool
3x 200 swim + 100 kick
1000 swim
100 down
2,000 total


  1. Congrats on your fantastic Human Race finish!! You had a great time:) Sometimes it does help when someone is right on your tail and you are not in the mood to give up the fight! Nice work!

  2. Boy, everyone was at the Human Race this year and I missed it! I'm so glad that you had a good race and that you are feeling good about your Stillwater Half. Congrats on a great time!