Monday, November 29, 2010

2011 Races

This is the schedule for 2011, so far.  It is a good mix of distances that should make the year a lot of fun.   

On my radar are Stillwater, Gopher to Badger, and the Afton Trail run.  I will also enter the lottery for the half marathon at Grandma's.

Date          Race Name                     Distance
1-Jan          Polar Dash                       5k              
12-Feb       Sweetheart Run                10k            
19-Feb       White Bear Winter Frolic  5k              
7-May        Jump to it                         10k            
26-Jun        William O'Brien                10 mile       
18-Sep       Tree's and Trails               5k              
22-Oct       Run for the Apples            5 mile         
29-Oct       Monster Dash                   Half            

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