Saturday, January 1, 2011

Polar Dash 5k

Packet pickup was Thursday or Friday only.  So Thursday I got a fleece jacket, bib, chip, and my wife surprised me with a parking garage pass.  This was a great idea and I am thankful she got it.  The fleece is very nice with reflective highlights and the Polar Dash logo.

Saturday 1-1-2011 at 11am was the Team Ortho Polar Dash 5k.  I usually don't eat before I run, but with such a late start I decided to have a bowl of apple, orange, and kiwi, with cinnamon and a bit of Greek yogurt on top.  I was also able to fit in 20 min of yoga with Rodney Yee.  I felt great and was ready for the drive to St. Paul.

It was near zero degrees at 8am, but by the start of the race it warmed up to 7.  Parking was incredibly easy, and after talking on the phone for a bit I was ready for the 1 mile warm up run to the start.  I arrived just in time to take the customary stop at the bathroom and make my way to the start.  I REALLY liked the start.  They used half the road and then funneled everyone down to about 5 people wide.  This slowed everyone down to squeeze in, but then it opened up at the timing pads and left everyone with plenty of room to run.  I started in the 8-9 min mile group but should have been closer to 7 as I passed a LOT of people. 

The race was out and back, and slightly uphill on the way out.  At the 5k turnaround the 10k racers split off.  This gave me more elbow room as about half the people were doing the 5k.  The next section was slightly downhill and it felt like getting a second wind.  I focused on my breathing, not slipping on ice, and form (in that order).  With about a mile to go I really focused on form and this kept my finish strong.  After crossing the line I got my medal and had hot coco.  They gave out a food bag and I headed over to the warming tents for a snack before running back to the car.  I felt really positive about the run and am eager to get the results

Polar Dash Fleece Jacket Logo

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  1. I would of looked for you if I knew you were running. I saw Beth's hubby Mike but didn't see Beth. It was so cold!!! I was shaking in the warm up tent and my toes were about ready to fall off! This was my first run in about a month. I am glad that you did so well:) Take care Mark!