Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweetheart Run 10K

This past weekend was the Sweetheart Run, put on by Vacation Sports.  The event took place in Mahtomedi, Minnesota at St. Andrew's Lutheran Church.  The church has a running club that meets on Saturdays, and they are a sponsor of the event.  Runners had access to the warm church for packet pickup, bathrooms, and after the event.  Having a warm place is reason enough to run this race.  In addition to the 10K, they had 10 mile and 5K races. 

A few minutes before the start I made my way to the starting line.  The 10 mile and 10K started together with about 100 runners.  It was an out and back course with only a few turns.  We did cross one major road, but they had volunteers posted to stop traffic.  The run was about half on paved roads and half on dirt roads.  The dirt roads were tricky because of snow and ice, but what you would expect for Minnesota in February.

I was planning to run easy since I haven't been running much (only 7 miles total in February).  I went out with a group of about 5 others, but when I turned for the 10K they kept going for the 10 mile turnaround.  I was alone at this point.  A few minutes later I dropped my glove and looked behind me as I picked it up.  I didn't even see anyone running my way.  The runner in front of me was wearing a neon green jacket that I focused on, but he was to far for me to catch.  So I spent the last half of the race running by myself. 

I was happy with the effort and thought I might be in the top 10.  When results were posted I was 6th overall!!  My time was 50:21 (8:07 pace, but I think the course was short).  I was 2nd in my age group and received a medal.  Runners were very appreciative we could use the church, and many said they would do this race again.

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