Saturday, February 26, 2011

White Bear Winter Frolic 5K

This morning was the White Bear Winter Frolic 5K (put on by Vacation Sports).  We had a lot of snow last weekend in our area of Minnesota, this creates uneven surfaces and slick spots.  This morning as I got out of the car I checked the temperature, 2 degrees.  It had began to snow, making the slick spots hard to identify.  Even with the cold and snow everyone at the start was in a festive mood. 

Packet Pickup was Indoors
The race started and for a short time you have the option of running on the road or a sidewalk.  I didn't have much choice since I was running in a crowd and ended up on the sidewalk.  The surface was very tricky as some parts were not shoveled very good.  But soon I was able to get back on the road and settle into a nice pace.  The course follows the frozen White Bear Lake.  Not much of a view, except for snow, but since footing was an issue it was better not to look around.

I wanted to run fast, but lately I have not been running much.  I really noticed it after the turnaround.  I was actually out of breath, but my leg muscles felt fine.  This was a change from my past races.  I guess the lack of cardio finally caught up with me, while the increase in weights has helped.

Setting up the Finish Line
Near the end I found myself running alone, with the nearest person about 20 seconds ahead of me.  Then with about a mile to go someone caught up and passed.  I stayed with them and near the finish they choose the sidewalk instead of the road.  This time I took the road and while they slowed for the rough sections I was able to pass.  I ran hard at the end and finished in front of them. 

Long Sleeve Cotton

34 overall
6 out of 15 in age group
22:13 time for 7:09 pace
My Garmin data says 3 miles at 22:15 for a pace of 7:25

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