Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yosemite Day 3

When we woke up this morning it was raining.  Not a heavy rain, but enough to get us wet.  After breakfast and packing our things we put on the rain gear and quickly got out and packed up the tent.  The rain stopped and we only got wet from the dripping trees.  After a few hours the sun came out we could take off our rain gear.  I even got the tent in the sun so it could dry some.  Below is a picture of Sydney crossing a stream.  The picture makes it look more difficult than it actually was.  The kids are getting really good at spotting the trail and finding ways to cross streams.  We had lots of water crossings on this hike because of snow melt.

The hike today was downhill back to the car.  The kids are always motivated to get to the car and in Pete's case, get home to his new stuffed animal.  Sydney wants to see her friends and we all want to get back to Mary-j.  With food running out we didn't stop for a lunch break, but snacked along the way.  The hike was downhill, so it went fast.  Total miles was about 13, and it took us about 5:30.  The picture below is near the spot Harvey said "This is the real Yosemite".

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