Saturday, August 30, 2014

Emigrant Wilderness

Backpacking again, this time with Sydney and Harvey.

Monday is a holiday and I needed to get in the wilderness, so a 3 day backpacking trip was planned. Naturally all three kids got sick leading up to the weekend, with Pete getting sick last (so he stayed home). But the three of us are healthy and decided on the Gianelli Cabin as our trailhead entry point. This relatively flat hike has lots of lakes and is very popular. During our 5.2 mile hike in we saw LOTS of people, and at Y Meadows Reservoir at least 10 groups were camping. We chose to stick our feet in the water because it was so cold. After that we saw the dam and headed up till we hit the summit just East of the lake.

Wind is making it cold but we have a fire and warm food so we are still having fun.

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