Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ming Garden Buffet

We don't eat the typical things a thru hiker eats. Things like Pop Tarts, candy bars, ice cream by the pint, and Mountain Dew. So it should not surprise me when we eat at a highly recommended restaurant we will be disappointed. The kids said they will never eat at a Chinese Buffet again. Not all the food was bad, the pears were good, and the stir fry green beans (the first time) were good too. But overall a disappointment.

The bright spot was when Mystery Man and Pack Man came in. They were at The Priest Shelter with us last night. They hitched a ride to town, but before they got the ride a funny thing happened. As they are waiting by the road a car stops, they run up thinking they are getting a ride. The guy rolls down his window and points, saying "I saw a bear in the trees". He then drives off leaving them behind.

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