Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sat with St. Croix Valley Runners

I ran with the St. Croix Valley Runners again today.  It was a small group since tomorrow is the Red Wing River City Ramble 1/2 Marathon

Next weekend is the Gopher to Badger 1/2 Marathon and a few people are doing that one.  G to B is the race I am getting ready for.  My training is going well and I think if the weather is good I should do OK.  Today I had a great run, 5 miles in 39 minutes for under 8 min miles.  If I want to break 1:45, and I do, this is how fast I'll need to run. 

My Hammer Visor is here!  I ran in it once and it held back the sweat.  I was going to run with it today, but didn't want to try something new while running with others.  I knew I'd push myself to keep up with the faster runners so I didn't want anything like visor issues slowing me down.  But I did try a Chocolate Hammer gel and it was good, but I just don't like chocolate when running.  Banana was good after being in my shorts pocket an hour, warm like when you microwave a banana.  And Hammer Tropical was very good.  I bought the Hammer gel sampler kit with the visor and I am having fun trying new flavors. 

Sunday is my last long run before G to B so I'll be putting all my race day stuff to the test.  This means no breakfast or any solid food before the run (this has been working out great for me, more sleep and no stomach or bathroom issues!).  I just bought a box of Band-Aids, 100 of them, so I have plenty of protection.  I'll also try to fine tune my gel consumption.  Last weekend I over-did it and will cut back to every 25 min (I was at 20).

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  1. Hi Mark,
    Just one more week until the Gopher to Badger half:) I will look for are going to be finishing before me. I might see you on September 11th too:)