Monday, May 3, 2010

10 Mile Breakout Run

I did a 10.5 mile out and back run on the Gateway trail.  It was the first double digit run for me.  I was nervous, but after my 9 mile run (that was more like 9.8) I was confident I could do it.  I didn't stop, but did have to slow to take a gel (I took two, one at 20 min and one at 50 min).  They didn't upset my stomach and I had no problem taking them.  It was good practice taking a gel on the run. 

Miles 0-8 were solid, with times between 8:48 and 9:29.  I was pleased with my form and overall solid running.  I didn't push it, but didn't take it easy either.  Miles 9 and 10 were a challenge (9:59 and 9:49).  When I didn't focus on my form it got really sloppy and then I would adjust, and then back to sloppy, then adjust/sloppy/adjust etc.  However, when I got back to good form it felt REALLY good.  So I think it was a great learning experience about what it should feel like to run.  If I can take that good form feeling into my next run I think it could be a real breakthrough.  When I say good form, I'm talking about ChiRunning.

The gateway has some spray painted mile markers that seem to be accurate:
26:54  From park to first mile maker (I missed some); 8:58 avg for 3
4:47 from mile marker to turnaround and back to next milemarker
Total 1:37:18
47:47 on the way out
49:31 on the way back (1:44 slower)

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  1. Great job on your 10 milers. Are you taking your gels with some water? That really helps. Your training is going so well!