Monday, May 3, 2010

April Summary

My running is really coming along. I had a 9 mile run that went really well (in 1:24). It was my longest run ever and I had Gu during the run, also a first. My form (from the ChiRunning book) is getting easier to maintain and also feeling good. I haven’t had any injuries, but sore feet and knees after my longer runs.  Total miles for the month, 72!! 

This month I also maintained the Core Performance workout schedule. I definitely noticed an increase in range of motion and strength. Joe Friel’s Blog had a post on “Core Strength” and that lead me to the Core Performance book (available from the Washington County libraries). I noticed while running my hip on the right side wasn’t level, and I’ve been focused on it on my runs. I’m not sure if Core Performance has helped, but my bobbing is greatly reduced (but still to much movement in the right hip).

Early in the month I was a little sick or overtraining, so I cut back on swimming. It also gave me more time to sleep, which was great. So my temporary reduction in swim workouts turned into more of a permanent thing. I decided to focus instead on my form by doing more stroke drill (which is really time consuming). Going forward I plan to keep swimming when I have time and focus on stroke drills.

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