Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Running is Improving

I had two runs of 5 miles recently.  The first in 45:18, and the same route again in 40:13.  Between the two I ran a 10+ mile run that fell apart at miles 9 and 10.  But during miles 9 and 10 I was able to find really good running form (I just couldn't hold it for long).  For my second 5 mile run I started with that good form, still fresh in my mind, and the result was a much faster run.  So I guess it is true, the more you run the faster you get. 

Sunday was a long run, and the longest run of my 1/2 marathon training plan, 12 miles.  Unfortunately I felt really sick the day before and the morning of this long run.  But I didn't want to miss it and so with reservations I made my way to the Gateway Trail.  But not before drinking some green mango juice.  I love the stuff, but drank way to much and when I got to the trail head I felt bloated (and it never went away).  I took two gels with me but never eat them.  My stomach felt ready to reject anything I eat, and at one point I was sure something was about to come up.  But I pushed on and did 7 miles with no breaks and kept them under 10 min (ranging from 8:52 to 9:44 per mile).  With 5 miles to go I had to stop (after nearly throwing up) and began to run 2 minutes and walk 25 seconds.  It worked as I was able to finish without throwing up and as a bonus I could better focus on good running form.  Total time was 2:06:05.  With a better stomach I think I might break 2 hours at the Stillwater 1/2. 


  1. Nice job Mark! I love reading when people start to see improvement! You are going to do great in Stillwater's Half:)

  2. Well, I guess you learned the hard way about what not to drink before your race. You still had a good run and it looks like you are on track to meet your goal! Nice!

  3. Ran across your blog trying to find barefoot runners in Stillwater to train with. I live right off the Gateway Trail and it is a great place to train. If U R interested, I will be at the Hiway 96 bridge crossing at 7 AM tomorrow (05/13/2010). I will be easy to recognize with no shoes. I know this is weird, but cannot seem to get an email to you. I will also give you my phone number - it is (651) 248-2113. - Steve