Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stillwater Half Marathon Results - 1:53:38

I finished the Stillwater Half Marathon today.  My goal was to stay under 2 hours. 

1/2 Marathon chip time:   1:53:38
   Overall 166/941
   Age 26/80
   Sex 110/388

We got our10k split time and 47 people had passed me since the start, but I passed 151 people from the 10k spot to the end of the 1/2.

Souvenir chip timer:

On my shoe:


  1. Nice job Mark! You had a great time:) Stillwater is supposed to have a really hilly and tough course...congrats on the fantastic time!

    Did you run with pacers or did you do your own thing?

  2. Julie, I used the MN Pacers for the first 5 miles and then let my body find whatever pace it wanted. It was worth it to start with them, and I'm glad you recommended them, thanks.

  3. Wow! You crushed your goal time! Way to go! That is a fantastic time on a tough course. You should be so proud of yourself. I'm so happy for you!