Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gopher to Badger on Aug 14

I signed up for the Gopher to Badger Half Marathon on Aug 14.  The cost goes up July 1, so I figured I might as well register, plus you get a medal and shirt.  The Minnesota Pacers will have all kinds of pacers so I'm sure to find something (1:45 or 1:50).  The race follows some of the Stillwater Marathon course, only in the opposite direction and that means mostly downhill. 


  1. I just might sign up for this one too! I love the Minnesota Pacers:)

  2. The Gopher to Badger is the race that I had my PR. You will be ready for it since you did Stillwater, but don't go into it thinking that it is mostly downhill. There is a pretty long hill, I think mile 3 or 4, and it is a reasonably tough course. You will do great but I don't want you to be surprised. Good luck!