Thursday, June 10, 2010

Superior Hiking Trail

Instead of running this past weekend I went for a hike along the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT).  This was my first backpacking adventure in Minnesota.  It was far better than I thought.  Usually I backpack in California at Yosemite National Park, but this is not something I can do over a weekend.  So I found myself in the car at 5:30am on Saturday.   A great way to start the weekend with a beautiful sunrise and clear roads on the way to Duluth.

The trail is easily accessible from many spots along the highway.  So I had no problem finding a suitable route.  The day was overcast and cool, perfect for a long walk.  If you plan to do this, or any hike along the SHT, I recommend you get the Guide to the Superior Hiking Trail

I started from Silver Bay heading east.  Numerous campsites exist and the hiking is fairly easy, with only a few areas on rocks or with steep sections.  The views were non-existent on my hike out due to low clouds, but the vegetation was interesting and the trail never boring.  I camped at Kennedy Camp West, 13.4 miles from the car. 

The trail is very well marked, making it easy to follow.  I barely needed the map, but recommend you always take one.  Along the way I passed the Bean and Bear Lake loop trails.  Very popular day hikes with a side trail to Bear Lake.  It looked like Bear Lake would be great to swim in, but I didn't take the trail to the lake to explore.  I will however consider taking my kids here when they get older.  The trail passes into Tettegouche State Park and  Baptism High Falls, crossing the Baptism River on a suspension bridge.  The bridge uses one cable to keep it up, very cool looking. 

The next day was clear with great views.  I enjoyed the leisure walk back to the car and felt great.  Some pictures from Sunday.

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