Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Luna Sandals Have Arrived

My Luna Sandals!
The Luna Sandals have arrived!  Barefoot Ted has some videos on his website on how to tie them.  You have two options, slip on or traditional. 

At first I tried the slip on method.  The video was great and easy to follow.  Once I had them attached I walked around the house.  I've been wearing flip flops for the last few months to get used to having something between my toes, so the feeling was not unusual.  I ran on the carpet and everything felt fine.  I slipped them off and on and that was easy. 

Next I tried to tie them the traditional way.  I was happy with the slip on method, but wanted to see what the difference was.  I didn't think I would like having something wrapped around my ankle.  I was wrong.  The traditional method felt a lot better.  It was also easy to get on and off.

After walking around the house for a few days I finally went outside.  The first thing I noticed was the knot between my toes to attach the lace.  I was walking and it was uncomfortable.  I tried to run and it felt fine.  I walked again, but changed my form and the discomfort was reduced.  But running felt really good.  I'm looking forward to getting them out again.

Slip on with Hemp Laces
Tied Traditional Style

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