Monday, September 20, 2010

Trail Running at Afton State Park, MN

In July I ran the 25k at the Afton Trail Races (race report).  I enjoyed running on the trails but haven't been back.  This past weekend I wanted something different, so I headed to Afton.  It brought back memories of struggling up the hills and pushing myself on the flatter sections.  This time I noticed the hills were MUCH easier and my footing was more secure on the treacherous downhills.  Since July I've run a lot of miles and worked to strengthen my legs, so I should have expected feeling better.  What I didn't expect was the thrill of flying down the hills.  I found myself smiling as I went full throttle down the hills and tried to maintain this speed in the flat sections.  When running gets old, time to hit the trails to freshen things up.

It was so much fun that I plan to go back and run more trails.  And this time I will make sure the lids on my bottles are tight.  One bottle leaked and my shirt and shorts smelled like HEED! 

Me Running the Afton 25k in July

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