Thursday, August 1, 2013

Marble Spring tent camping

Started at Bryant Ridge Shelter
Ended at Marble Spring (tenting)
17.2 miles

Out of shelter late because kids socializing instead of pumping water. They love talking with the other hikers but it can delay us.

Harvey didn't want his oatmeal so I knew he was not feeling good. He was slow and tired all day so I took his pack for the last 4 miles.

Picture of Sydney is at Black Rock.

The aircraft radar picture is on top of Apple Orchard Mountain. Sadly no apples to be found.

Stopped at Thunder Hill Shelter for a hot lunch, Harvey slept an hour before we left. Had to move quick to make up the time. Passed by Kansas City and Seabiscut while at the shelter, Benadryl made it to the shelter but had to stay because his tent pole is broken. Passed Blue Line on an uphill and never saw him again.

Breezy weather kept us cool.

Passed a group of flowers that had about 30 butterflies. We see many butterflies along the trail, but this spot was really cool.

We are over 500 trail miles!! Hard to believe it.

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