Saturday, August 3, 2013

US 60; roadside camping

Started at Big Rocky Row
Ended at US 60
17 miles

Battery low so summary for today is:

Swam in a creek for a bit. Lots of flat walking and few rocks, made for fast hiking.

Kids on day 3 of a make believe adventure about a castle that Obla lives in and the trips to Hawaii and Grand Cayman that they take. Sometimes by plane, sometimes boat. They go out to eat and use credit cards to pay. Ice cream and candy are favorite fantasy foods. They play a game to see how many flavors of ice cream they can name. They also have make believe phones and talk about the games they have on them (Sombrero Man is a favorite).

S'mores the dog was with us all day. When we got to US 60 we found some picnic tables and while we were sitting a truck pulled up and the guy starts calling him. He said a lot of people dump dogs and he got the dog into his truck and put a collar on him. He said we could camp on a grassy spot across the road from the picnic tables, it belonged to a friend of his.

Passed another gravestone on the trail, this time for a 4 year old that wondered off and went 7 miles in the woods before he died.

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