Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Priest Shelter

Started at US 60
Ended at The Priest Shelter
20.9 miles

Battery really low so the summary is:

Kids continue to tell make believe stories. Today they talked about going to restaurants and what they would order. It was funny when I had to say "stop arguing over make believe donuts".

The trail was very flat with very few rocks. We made very fast time. Lots of open areas and at one spot we saw tractors mowing to keep trees from growing up.

We love Hammer Nutrition products. Today we fueled primarily with Hammer and I noticed at the end of the day we all had more energy than when we are not fueling with Hammer. I think Sydney notices the difference because she wants Hammer at our breaks.

Met Pac Man and Mystery Man on the last mile to the shelter. The 6 of us are the only ones in the shelter.

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