Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hammer Nutrition

Since I'm getting low on gels and the weather has been getting hotter (and my mileage is increasing) I began researching fueling ideas.  The Hammer Nutrition website has a section called "Knowledge", and it is full of information.  I started reading Endurance Athlete's Guide to Success (over 100 pages).  It provides the reason behind the products and how best to use them.  It was good information and I look forward to reading more on endurance nutrition, but this gives me a good place to start.  Unfortunately the Washington County library system has a limited selection of sport nutrition books.  I've requested two of them, Vegetarian Sports Nutrition and Advanced Sports Nutrition

On my last order from Great Race Nutrition they sent a 15% off coupon.  With this in hand I went to the website and got some Hammer products:
  • Premium Insurance Caps for daily use
  • Gels for calories 
  • Endurolyte Capsules for longer runs
  • Recoverite Drink Mix for post running
  • and Free shipping (if you spend over $49 on Hammer products)


  1. Mark, you may want to check the Succeed site for info too:

    Especially the articles and FAQ's. I strongly prefer S-Caps over Endurolytes, but like the Hammer gels and Perpetuem. Endurox R4 is my favorite recovery drink, mainly because I don't like the taste of Recoverite. But, that's what works for me - it may or may not work for you.

    I've got a couple of links to my favorite 2 sports nutrition books on my blog, if you find that helpful. Endurance Sports Nutrition is probably my favorite since it specifically addresses ultras, extreme hot/cold/altitude climates, vegetarian diets, supplements, multi-day events, etc.

    Good luck with your grand experiment!

  2. Mark, just saw your comments, the S-cap every half hour got me in trouble at FANS. It wasn't hot enough for that level, should have adjusted for the day, oops. I used to use endurolytes but found on hotter days I still had issues and S-caps worked, so my new thinking, cooler temps endurolytes or fewer S-caps, hotter days S-caps along with pay attention to everything else :-)

    I also use other Hammer products, I especially like Perpetuem (at least thus far) and switched to HEED for my electrolyte as it is easier to find.

    Keep posting on your experiment, we all learn from each other.

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