Friday, March 12, 2010

March 11; Changing it up; TI drills; Core Performance

You should change your workout so the body doesn’t get used to the current routine. I’ve been doing the same strength workout for over a month. But I really like it, so to change it up I’ll do more weight and fewer reps.

I added different TI stroke drills to my swimming. Mostly I’ve been doing balance drills, so I moved onto swimming drills (called switches). My form has been good, but after doing “under-switch” my timing improved (of course they say this in the book and video and I didn’t believe them). I’m now sold on following the drills in order.

I’ve read most of Core Performance and started to incorporate the workout. I do Movement Prep, and will start the actual plan on Monday.

Movement Prep, all 10, x8 ea
Abs 2 (by Tamilee Web)
20 min Streatching DVD

Movement Prep, all 10, x8 ea
Abs 1 w/ 3lbs
Abs 2
Bike 15 min at level 10
- 3.5 miles; 1.5% grade; 30 run; 5 walk
- Faster when lean from ankles, increase speed?
- Feet bottoms warm (could be tired)
6x 200 (alt swim and kick)
15 x 50 on 1:15
- 1-5 fry-back
- 6-10 back-breast
- 11-15 breast-free
3x 150 hard kick on 3:30; held 2:30
TI Drills:
100 Arm lead sweet spot
100 Shark fin (great for balance)
100 Easy Anchor (focus on roll!)
100 Under Switch (great for timing)
200 easy
3,000 total

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  1. Hey Mark, keep up the good work!
    If you like Abs 2 you should try Abs! Abs! Abs!

    Your Workout Buddy,

    Tamilee Webb