Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7; Barefoot, TI

Barefoot around the house is paying off. I noticed the bottom of my feet were sore so I looked at my posture. When I stand I straighten my legs and put pressure on my heels. Without shoes I really feel the impact of standing this way. Now I bend my knees and even my weight over the entire bottom of the foot. This feels much better. My running lean has improved too, not so much from the hips as from the ankles.

Still working on Total Immersion swimming, but I like the results so far. I’ve got a book coming on core strength that should help. I don’t know how much I fishtail, but the guy next to me at the gym had a good stoke, but also a good fishtail (read this post about it). What a waste of energy.

Friday - 20 min yoga

Abs 1 with 3 lb. weight at home
Abs 2 at home
Some weights at home
3 mile outside run

4 mile outside run; 36 min, 47 degrees
- Lean from ankles, not hips
- Had walking breaks for puddles/snow
6x150 (swim, kick, swim, kick, swim, kick)
400 of TI drills
  Back, stomach, side, sweet - 200
  Sweet-back-sweet - 100
  Sweet-front-sweet - 100
  25 easy, 25 hard
  50 easy, 50 hard
  75 easy, 75 hard
  100 easy, 100 hard
  100 easy, 100 hard
  75 easy, 75 hard
  50 easy, 50 hard
  25 easy, 25 hard
500 kick
200 easy
3,000 total

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  1. Nice weekend of workouts! I can't wait to get my TI books from the library.