Saturday, June 22, 2013

Big Bald

Started at Hog Back Shelter
Ended at Whistling Gap
13.6 miles in 9.5 hours

Another tooth lost today (Harvey again). We are thinking of changing his trail name from Cheeze-it to Lost Tooth.

Big Bald was a highlight, 360 degree views and nice grass to sit on. We also met some locals since it is Saturday. Everyone asks us how far we are hiking and are excited the kids get this really cool opportunity to backpack.

After Big Bald we stopped at Bald Mtn Shelter. It was really nice, two levels and sleeps 10. We had First Dinner at the shelter and decided to hike 3 more miles and then do another 13 tomorrow to get to Erwin. Since the weather was great today I decided we could risk another tenting night. With extra motivation we should easily get to Erwin. Also, since we camped our spot had tons of firewood, so we are having a fire too! Another great day on the trail.

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