Friday, June 21, 2013

Hog Back Ridge Shelter

Started at Flint Mtn Shelter
Ended at Hog Back Ridge Shelter
8.9 miles (6 hours!)

The kids were really moving today. We had some major up hills but they kept up a great pace. On a major uphill we followed a creek and got a great view of a waterfall. 

The boys are full of energy and at our rest breaks they usually find something to play with. Today it was a teeter-tooter. 

At the shelter we didn't get cell phone service but at the privy we did!  I called home and the kids were excited to talk to Mom. I got the latest news about the trellis and the boys ceiling. It was so good to hear Mary-j's voice. We talk every day about what we will do when we get back home and what special things we will do for/with Mom. 

Another highlight of the day was dinner!!  Today was Annie's Rice Noodles in a cheddar sauce with dried red peppers to spice it up. Harvey is in the picture about to enjoy a bite. 

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