Monday, June 24, 2013

Zero Day in Erwin

Started and ended in Erwin, TN
0 miles

Woke up at 6:30 because Pete was excited about the Tooth Fairy visiting him, and he got $10 just like Harvey. Breakfast started then so we got up to start our day. The hotel plays the Weather Channel and the forecast was rain all week. Lucky for us the mountains cause the rain to get scattered, so sometimes you can get lucky and avoid the rain.

The kids were excited to swim so after breakfast we went to the pool, only to find it very cold and the hot tub broken. They jumped in anyway but didn't play long.

Today was also my day to shave, so I got a before picture. I hope the beard shows up in the picture because it was much longer than I would normally let it grow. 

Mary-j got Amazon Prime so I got the app on my iPhone and we were able to watch the free stuff. It was great to have something for the kids to do. Sydney and I researched Big Sur Bars and placed an order that will ship to a hostel. They were excited to hear we are hiking the AT. 

The kids also got some paper and did many drawings. The one below is one of my favorites. Sydney did it and one of the signs says "50 steps Ice Cream".  A perfect name for an Ice Cream shop along the AT. Sydney even drew us sleeping in a shelter and wanted the sun behind the mountain. 

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