Thursday, June 20, 2013

Flint Mtn Shelter

Started at Jerry Cabin Shelter
Ended at Flint Mtn Shelter
5.9 miles

Done hiking by 1:30 and taking the rest of the day easy. This is a newer shelter and the forecast was rain so it sounded like a good idea to hike fast while it was clear and then relax. The shelter is nice and I can stand up in it and so far we have no bugs.

The kids are really enjoying the shelter journals. They each write something and Sydney reads what others have written. They also add great pictures.

On today's hike we passed the Shelton gravestones. They were Southerners who fought with the North during the Civil War. On the way home for a family gathering they were ambushed by Confederate troops and killed. The kids had not heard of the Civil War and were shocked that the states fought each other.

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