Friday, June 28, 2013

Greasy Creek Friendly Hostel

Stayed at Greasy Creek Friendly Hostel
0 miles hiked

We had major rains last night and during the day so I am glad we are taking the day off. We don't have cell service or Internet so our trail updates are a bit late. 

Pete's water bottle came today!  Now we have all our boxes and can leave tomorrow (Friday).  I also repacked our food with 4 days of excellent meals. At the next hostel we will have access to a grocery store and will continue the hike/re-supply cycle. 

Breakfast was awesome. We had eggs and turkey bacon (she does not use pork products). We also had fruit salad that came in fancy glasses, the kids loved it. I got DUCK eggs!  A real treat that reminded me of the Minnesota days when I bought them at the coop. We also had oatmeal since I had some extra packets. She gave us raisins and honey for the oatmeal, and didn't charge us. She is very generous and even gave us other free food that hikers had left or that she had extra. 

Lunch was pasta/rice with broccoli, she added lots of broccoli and I bought a salad that Sydney got to help make. The salad was SO good, it had carrot, feta, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, celery and a candle. The kids sang Happy Birthday to me when Sydney brought out the salad. After we ate Pete wanted more broccoli so we got a plate of just broccoli with sharp cheddar cheese and Harvey and Pete split it. I was glad to get some vegetable in them. Next we had some brown banana she had in the freezer and microwaved it with dark chocolate chips. It was such a yummy treat. 

Connie has a dog and cats, one of the cats is very friendly and will sit on your lap. 2010 was a hard year for Cee-Cee (her trail name) after her car was stolen and other hardships, but the worst was when her favorite cat went missing. It was a huge cat, the size of a raccoon or medium size dog. It was so smart it could open the door and turn on the shower water. It would also do tricks for the hikers. 

Attached is a picture of Pete in the bunk house. We are sharing the place with another hiker and two more are on the porch. 

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