Sunday, June 16, 2013

Roaring Fork Shelter

Started at Groundhog Creek Shelter
Ended at Roaring Creek Shelter
8.4 miles

We had breakfast with "Socks", a female thru-hiker who befriended Sydney. Once on the trail the kids were again much faster than me on the uphill but we stayed together and took very frequent breaks.

We needed water and while filling up I heard thunder. We got the rain gear ready and headed up and over Max Patch. On the way up the clouds started to gather on the other side of the hill, the side we could not see. We paused for the great view and then it started to rain. As we crested the hill a wind picked up and it really started to rain. We all had our pack covers on and Sydney was wearing her rain jacket. We got soaked. The boys got cold so they put on rain jackets too. Then it started to hail!! We only had two miles to the shelter so we picked up the pace but the rain had stopped. The trail was a stream and our feet got wetter. Once at the shelter we hung our wet gear and got dressed in warm clothing.

The pack covers for the boys are OK, but I need the original pack covers that came with the backpacks. The picture is Harvey with our wet clothes hanging in the background.

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