Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kincora Hiking Hostel

Started near mile marker 396.8
Ended at Kincora Hiking Hostel
15.8 miles

Started with our awesome oatmeal and within an hour of hiking we pass this great waterfall. Lots of big streams today, so water was no issue. I even had a chance to get my hair wet and stood in water during lunch as an ice bath for my feet.

This is the Mountaineer Falls Shelter, a three level deluxe shelter that we stopped to have a Hammer gel. 

We also had a great spot for a snack, complete with a bench!

At the hostel we got our box and planned the 4 days to Damascus. The grocery store was already closed because it is Sunday. We may go in the morning to get some eggs for a deluxe breakfast because Pete has been begging for them (and bananas). They have a washer and dryer so we did our hiking clothes. Bob, the owner, is telling stories about the trail and Pete is reading "Captain Underpants".

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