Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hot Springs, NC

Started at Bluff Mtn
Ended at Hot Springs, NC
10.7 miles

Today we reached Hot Springs, NC! This is our first trail town and things went fairly smooth. The kids were excited to get to a town and as we descended from the mountain they kept saying "Look how big it is". But the town is actually small, but very busy on a Saturday.

We stopped at the Hillbilly Market and got lunch/dinner. The kids were hungry after the 10+ miles (in 6 hours) and were begging for yogurt. We stocked up as this is the only grocery store in town. However, it seemed every store had food, even the outdoor store had a grocery section that catered to backpackers. I guess backpackers and paddlers (the other attraction is rafting) don't like salsa or hummus because we didn't find that. But we will explore tomorrow for some organic produce as all the kids wanted some of my salad tonight.

At the outdoor store we bought poles for Harvey, now all of us have hiking poles and even at 7 and 9 the kids look like thru hikers. But they don't smell like thru hikers as one women told us. I heard they have a hiker spot in town, usually church sponsored, that has free snacks and wifi. We should be able to find it since you can walk from one end of town to the other in a few minutes.

Tonight we are in a campground with swings and other kids to play with, so for a change they are getting some time to be kids. However on Monday play time will be over as we tackle a difficult section of trail to Erwin, TN, ETA is June 23. Lucky for me the boys have been willing to carry some of the food so we will leave fully loaded.

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