Friday, June 28, 2013

Overmountain Shelter

Started at Greasy Creek Hostel
Ended at Overmountain Shelter
15.8 miles per my guidebook, others had the distance at 17
11 hours of hiking

Today was our biggest mileage day ever. In addition to the trail miles we hiked .6 from the hostel to the trail and an additional .4 going to shelters. The trail has been rerouted and lots of switchbacks added so my guidebook probably understates the mileage, but the kids had fun finding the old trail.

We are hiking in the Roan Highlands and in the latest Backpacker Magazine that area is featured. I took a picture and attached it. We climbed over Roan Mountain today and didn't get to enjoy the view because of clouds and rain. The first part of the day was perfect, with a slight breeze and overcast skies with occasional sunshine. We eat every hour and had plenty of water, so things were good.

As we got closer to the summit the greater the threat of rain till it finally dumped on us. We timed it perfect this time, getting our rain gear on just before the skies opened up. Once over the mountain and down the other side the sun came out and we dried out.

The sky cleared and the views were really great. It was still about 5 miles to the shelter so we had a snack and took off. About four miles before the shelter we were passed by a guy who stayed at the Hostel. Pete latched on behind him and left the rest of us behind. He was flying!!  Pete realized we were not behind him after 30 min and stopped to wait. He was a little scared that we were so far behind, but we were all happy to be together. 

We heard all day the shelter was going to be packed, and when we got close we saw at least 10 tents. I was afraid we would be stuck outside, but inside the shelter we found plenty of space. The shelter is a converted barn and has two floors, we are sleeping in the loft. It has a big fire going by the weekenders and the thru hikers are sleeping in the loft.

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