Saturday, June 29, 2013

Greasy Creek Hostel

Started at Deep Gap
Ended at Greasy Creek Hostel
12.8 trail miles and another .6 to hostel
We've gone over 100 miles total

This morning I woke up in the tent and a smile crossed my face as I noticed no rain on the outside and no condensation on the inside. Before I could move it started to rain, and kept it up for an hour. We cooked in the tent and rejoiced to have cinnamon and honey (not the good honey Mary-j is sending, but good for now). The rain slowed so we packed up and were hiking in the clouds. The first half of our day was in the clouds and the second half was cloudy with a few rain drops, but not enough to get us wet.

The boys love the rain because the rocks and roots are all wet and they can slide on them. It is a heart stopper for me to see them slide down a root on a steep decent but they are loving it. It keeps them hiking faster. At one point I was really tired and looked up to see Pete doing 360s off rocks. Not just one but off every rock!

We got to the hostel and had 4 boxes waiting for us. 2 from Amazon (Hammer Gel and books) and 2 with food. We should be well stocked to get us to the next hostel. We are waiting for another box with Pete's water bottle. We all had showers and since we didn't have clean clothes she let us borrow shirts. The bunkhouse is really nice and we are the only ones staying tonight.

It was late when we got here, so we had granola and soy milk for dinner. Tomorrow Connie is making eggs for breakfast. She is gluten free and looks for more natural foods so she has options for us.

The kids love the books and looking forward to reading tomorrow during our rest day. Harvey has almost finished one. Sydney was so excited to get mail from her friends and I am excited to read my magazines.

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