Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hemlock Hollow Farm Shoppe and Cabins

Started at Rich Mtn Fire Tower
Ended at Log Cabin Drive (Hemlock Hollow Farm Shoppe and Cabins)
8.1 rainy miles

We camped last night and had the chance to call Mom, this was our first time getting cell phone service. We went to bed happy and woke up to rain. Lots of rain.

We crossed a paved road, but mostly cross gravel or dirt, and saw a sign for "Moms Place". We stopped in to see what "cash only" could buy. Not a lot of options, but it was dry and she let us eat our food inside while she smoked. The store was in NC, but on the state line with TN. When we left Pete said "Dad, I'll be in TN".

We didn't plan to stay in a hostel but the rain was nonstop so when we hit the road to the hostel I decided we needed a break. They also serve dinner and breakfast. We are drying out and waiting for our burger dinner. Only one other hiker is with us in the bunkhouse. He is 70 and has hiked about 60% of the trail.

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