Monday, July 1, 2013

Watauga Lake Shelter

Started at Kincora Hostel
Ended at Watauga Lake Shelter
10.7 miles

When we got up at the hostel, the owner Bob took a group 
of us into "town" for grocers. We stopped at Browns, a full 
service grocer. The had about 10 coolers for drinks, but a 
produce section that had one tomato and one head of lettuce. 
The kids were disappointed they didn't get bananas and now 
want at least 3 each at the next town. I made it up with 
a 3 egg omelet and oatmeal for breakfast. 

Today turned out to be a great day of hiking. The trail had 
a big uphill at the start and we made really good time getting
up it. At the top we had full cell phone reception so we got
emails and called Mary-j. During the hike Sydney tripped 
and her hiking pole hit her in the throat. She was a bit sore
but had some water and a bar and felt better. Harvey had
to go to the bathroom so bad he went behind a tree and I 
had to get the shovel and bury it after the fact. Pete and 
I are both fine. 

After the huge uphill the trail began a gentle downhill all the way to the lake.  At the lake we found a picnic area with bathrooms and covered picnic tables. I also found an outlet to charge my phone. We had lunch and then went swimming. It was easy to cleanup and get water so when it started to rain we went back under cover to have dinner. The rain didn't last long so I called Mary-j and just took it easy while the kids played. After dinner we started the mile hike to the shelter. About ten minutes into the hike it started to rain. The shelter holds 6, so only 2 spots are left for others and I knew of 4 others who were at the shelter. Lucky for us one wanted to tent, two others decided to hike on and tent (so we could have the shelter, thank you Shivers and Unknown).  After we got set up two more hikers came in, and by this time it was really raining, but they decided to tent. So we are sharing the shelter with one other person. Another guy from Kincora is in his hammock with his dog Bear Bait. Total we have 9 at the shelter, all long distance hikers.

This is the swimming spot. 

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