Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feb 23; Swimming Turns

The last few weeks my swimming hasn’t felt so good. Since running is my focus, I figured swimming would suffer. But Saturday was such a bad swim I needed to make a change. My turns have gotten lazy, so last night I put away the clock and focused on making every turn a good one. Overall my swimming improved. Getting off the wall faster and more streamlined gave me more speed going into the stroke. With more speed I didn’t need to use the stroke to speed up. Instead, my stroke was used to maintain speed.

Monday; rest day

Abs 1& 2 at home
Bike 10 min at L8
Looseners from ChiRunning
Treadmill; 30 min run/5 walk, 3.5 miles total, 6.5 mph, 1.5% grade
- Left shin sore (still sore this morning)
- Focused on faster cadence
- Focused on moving hips to reduce bob
- Tension in left shoulder
Weights at gym
x6 150 (sksksk)
x2 600 (back, breast, free)
400 IM
2,500 total
- Left knee still sore from breaststroke kicking 2 weeks ago
- No clock today, took it easy and focused on TURNS

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