Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First workout of Feb

Tuesday night on the way to the gym I stopped by the library and got some swimming books. I found good ideas for workouts and stroke drills.

I felt really good at the gym and increased the intensity a bit. It may have helped that I had 2 full hours after eating dinner for my stomach to settle. I had a bit of Clifbar and chocolate milk before swimming, but I think the colder water had more of an impact on feeling good than the food.

I tried Endurox R4, fruit punch, after my workout (GNC was having a sale and free shipping). It tasted ok (but after chocolate milk what was I expecting). I don’t plan to drink it after every workout, just Tuesday. For the Thursday workout I got a different brand to try. On the weekend I will eat real food.

Monday – off day
10 min on the bike at level 5; stay over 100 rpms
- 3 miles, 29 min, 1.5% grade
- 9 min run, 1 min walk
- Black shoes made top of right foot hurt, still sore today
- Felt great, except for right foot
- Blue Sierra Designs shirt worked good
Stretching, 10 min
- pool was colder today, felt great, still got dry mouth
100 sksks
x5 50 on 1:00
x5 50 on :55
x5 50 on :50
x5 50 on :45
- no rest between 50’s; held :35 or faster on all
100 easy
x2 IM on 2:00
x5 100 kick on 2:30
- held 1:45 on all, best was 1:35
200 down
2,500 total


  1. Hi Mark,
    What are your favorite clifbars? I see them when I buy my daughters energy bars but have never tried them. I love how you comment in your journal on your shoes, how you felt, what you wore and ect. That is a great idea...I should be doing that. Currently all that I am doing is basically recording my miles.
    Have a good day Mark:)

  2. I live near Cub Foods, they had a $1 special so I bought all the flavors I thought I would like. Anything with chocolate works for me, but I also really liked Apple/Cranberry.

    For my kids I get Z-bars, also by Clif.

  3. My daughter loves the Z-bars...they are pretty good:) I love the choc. chip and blueberry flavors! I will have to try the Apple/Cranberry.

  4. Mmmmm... peanut butter Cliff Bars. The chocolate milk is yummy, too. I've been using the Skim Muscle Milk lately and I think it really helps after lifting or a hard run. I got it at Costco and has lots of protein. The individual serving sizes keep me from drinking too much.

  5. Hi Mark,
    Perhaps you know - the St Croix Valley Runners meet every Saturday morning at Northland tennis courts (west on Myrtle), 7:00 am, for a 5-mile run. Or shorter. I don't recall seeing you there, but you are invited! I myself plan to be there tomorrow, but will run only 3 miles because I have a 5k race Sunday.