Saturday, February 6, 2010

Feb 6 workout

I woke up planning to go to the Hudson hot air balloon launch. It was too windy so the balloons couldn’t launch, so I went back to bed. So after a late start I made it to the gym. My shoulders are really sore from all the plank poses. I need to find some better ab exercises. Overall felt really good and ready for my first ever race tomorrow.

Friday – off day

10 min on the bike at level 5; stay over 100 rpms
- 2 miles, 18 min, 1.5% grade
- 9 min run, 1 min walk (6 and 7 mph)
- Felt great, even my right foot felt better
Stretching, 10 min
100 sksks
- minimum of 1 min rest between the below
500 on 1:25 pace; actual pace 1:27
50 fast; :32
500 on 1:20 pace; actual pace 1:20
50 fast; :32
500 on 1:15 pace; actual pace 1:18
50 fast; :32
150 down
2,300 total

1 comment:

  1. The balloon launch sounds like it could of been alot of bad for windy days. When I was growing up we had so many hot air balloons that landed in our fields. I grew up on a farm and our fields were perfect for balloons to land on. Awesome job on your workout today:)