Friday, February 26, 2010

Feb 25; 4 mile run!!

Beth asked if I’m considering barefoot running now that I’ve read Born to Run. Yes, I am. For the last few days I’ve been going barefoot around the house. After only a few days my walk is changing. Even the way I stand is changing. I can feel how walking and standing impacts my feet and they are becoming more sensitive to the pressure. This summer I plan to do some barefoot tests on a soccer field by the house. I’m hoping my wife gets me some Vibram 5 fingers for my birthday.

I had a great time at the gym last night; running 4 miles without walking. Longest run so far.

Wednesday- rest
Abs 1 with 3lbs. & abs 2 at home

Bike 10 min at L8
- Left knee was feeling stressed
Looseners from ChiRunning
Treadmill; 4 miles run @ 6.5 mph, 1.5% grade
- .5 mile walking cooldown
- Felt very loose, didn't think much, just let it flow
- Left sock felt bunched, then went away
- Legs totally spent after run
- Pushed hard to get good leg workout
x5 100 (swim, kick, swim, kick, swim)
x4 300 (100 back, 100 breast, 100 free)
600 kick
200 easy
2,500 total

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  1. Hi Mark,
    Good job on your workouts this week!! You will have to keep us all posted on how the barefoot running works out for you. I have seen a few runners wearing the Vibram Fingers at some of the races I ran in last year:) I always wondered what it would feel like to run in them. Have a great weekend!