Sunday, February 7, 2010

Frigid 5 Today

This morning was the Frigid 5k. I had a few goals, one was to beat my treadmill time, which I did not. But I did run the entire race with no walking, and I did the race like I planned. I started slow, 9:59 for the first mile, and finished feeling strong. I missed the 2 mile marker sign because it was on the other side of a bend in the road. I was busy looking out for ice on the turn and missed the sign. Chip time was 28:41, my polar time was 27.32 (adjusted for temperature and wind-chill).

Overall I felt really good. When I had good form I felt REALLY good. During the second mile I really hit my ChiRunning form because it was flat, on the hills I had a harder time.  My right foot didn't feel bad at all.  The only issue I had was when my left shoe came untied.  After the finish they had drinks and bread/cookies inside.  The race was lots of fun and I'll do it again next year.

Overall place 80/144
Gender place 63/81
Division place 8/9
Mile pace 9:14


  1. Hi Mark,
    Where was your 5k today? Good job..I totally agreee with how awesome it is when I am running using good form. It just makes is easier and more enjoyable:)

  2. Congratulations on your 5K! Did you get one of those super cool hats? That's great that you felt good and ran according to your plan. I'm sure you will have many more great races in your future.

  3. Julie-
    The 5k was at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. It was put on by The Sporting Life ( I am running an 8k in March with them at the University of St. Thomas. I took a Chi Running class from them.
    I didn't get a hat or shirt, but I did hang the race bid in the kitchen. It was great telling the kids about the race. They ran around the house holding the race bid like they were running the race.