Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last day of Feb; great outside run

Sunday outside run; 4 miles, 28 degrees, 42 minutes. Felt really good running up hills and tried to keep that form. Sometimes I was successful for a few steps, and more so when I was relaxed.

At the start I was tense (because of the cold?) and then I took a deep breath and relaxed (it helps I’ve done a lot of meditation) and my form drastically improved. Much more relaxed in my legs with a smoother motion.

February summary:
- Changing swimming form, need to stick with the new technique even if it slows me down in the short term.
- Running getting easier as muscles get stronger.
- Injuries are not running related, but still need to focus on getting them healed (left knee and the top of right foot)
- Reading good books is keeping me up late, less than normal sleep is impacting training.
- Need to incease Yoga; the last few weeks I've been lazy
- 48.1 miles running for the month
- 30,500 yards swimming (about 17.3 miles)

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