Friday, February 5, 2010

Feb 4 Workout

Right foot still sore. I thought my Asics GT-2150’s were causing a blister, since they don’t fit as good as my Brooks Infiniti. But I actually strained a muscle on the top of my foot. Crazy, but when I flex my big toe I can feel the muscle. On Tuesday I was doing plank with my feet on a ball, and when trying to balance I must have strained it because that is the first time I felt anything. Everything else felt great.

Thursday I tried a Myoplex chocolate shake after the workout. I shook it up, but it was still lumpy, so next time I think I’ll try the blender. It tasted good. I also had the usual chocolate soymilk and ClifBar before swimming.

Wednesday – off day

10 min on the bike at level 5; stay over 100 rpms
- 3 miles, 29 min, 1.5% grade
- 9 min run, 1 min walk
- Felt great, except for right foot
Stretching, 10 min
- I took it easy today (except the kick)
100 sksks
x3 400 IM with 2:00 rest between each
- 10 sec rest after Fly
x2 100 kick on 2:30, did 1:35
100 down
2000 total

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  1. I hope your foot feels better soon. My husband likes those protein shakes. He had one of those stick blenders that you just put in your glass and it works pretty well and it's not too bad to clean up.