Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last day of January

Jan 31 Workout
9 degrees this morning, and since I have a race next weekend (my first ever) I thought I should get outside. I wore a fleece hat, sunglasses, a Patagonia base layer, with a fleece jacket and rain jacket on top, and rain pants. I was warm, but had to unzip the jackets after about 10 minutes [Try the fleece vest next time]. It was a shock to breath in the cold air, but I used a fleece headband over my mouth and this helped.

2 miles total, 20 minutes. I ran 8 minutes, and then walked 2 minutes. The run/walk worked for me. My legs are sore from yesterday’s gym session, but sore in a good way.

Weight Workout
- designed to be done at home or the gym.
- Upper Body
Pushup x2 Till failure
Neck x2 15/15
Lat Pull down x2 15
Seated Row x2 15
Pullover x2 15
3 way shoulder x2 15
- Lower Body
Hip in x2 50
Hip out x2 50
Leg extensions x2 15
Leg Curl x2 15
Walking Lunges x2 15 ea
Calf raises x2 20
Toe raises x2 20 ea
Wall Squat x4 30 sec on/off
- Core
Crunch x2 25
Side Bends x2 20 ea side
Reverse Crunch x20
Bicycle x4 30 sec on/off
Plank raised leg x4 30 sec on/off
Side Plank x8 30 sec on/off
Superman x10
Seal x10


  1. Hi Mark,
    I attempted to leave you a comment yesterday but it looks like it didn't work. Are you going to be running in the Stillwater half or full marathon? Just wondering....I am running in the half marathon:)

  2. Great job getting outside! It takes trail and error to figure out what to wear in what conditions. Go for lots of really thin, wicking layers that you can adjust for the wind and temps. Thanks for the swim advice on my blog. I need it!

  3. Julie,

    I am doing the Stillwater 1/2. It will be my first 1/2 ever. I plan to do 5k and 8k races before the big race so I have some race day experience. I only started running in January, so I may be taking on a bit much with only 5 months of training. But my plan is to access my fitness and then do a run/walk combo for the race.