Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jan 4 Workout

1% grade
25 min run at 6mph
2.8 miles total
- Forgot running shoes, ran in Merrells
- I was watching TV during the run and my neck was tighter than usually, even when I focused on my elbows
- Worked on straighter posture to improve lower back tension, but didn't seem to help much, need to try a few more variations

100 sksks
5x50 fast kick on 1:45 - held :40's
5x50 fast swim on 1:20 - held :30's
200 IM
10x25 fast kick on :55 - held :20's
10x25 fast swim on :40 - held :15's
100 down
1800 total yards
- Used the ChiRunning hip rotation during kicks; worked great
- should have done x2 200 IM's

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