Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Marathon Miles for Jan.

I ran a marathon in January, it just took the entire month to do it!  Looking at my total miles for the month I am amazed. I went from no running in 2009, to nearly 30 miles in January. It is hard to believe. And I actually enjoy it.

When not working out I've been reading running related books from the library. I just finished "Marathon Method" by Tom Holland. I liked it. Practical advice for a new runner and a few great stories. His workouts are good too.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my new web page! I like your blog and will keep checking in with you. I like the ChiRunning book, too. I actually saw Danny Dreyer running the Disney 2009 Marathon. I yelled out his name and that I loved his book and he looked happily surprised that someone recognized him. I had seen him at the expo so I knew to look for him. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi, Mark! I just started reading your blog, and look forward to keeping up with you and your training.
    Danny is a cool guy- he was here in Asheville on Tues (Jan 26) giving a Chi Running talk at FootRX. There are so many great resources to be found in running. My personal "guru" guy is Matt Fitzgerald, author of "Brain Training For Runners". He's also the content editor at Competitor.com. You should check him out.

    Keep up the excellent work!