Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jan 23 and no outside running

Today I awoke to a frozen driveway, the second time in a few days. Seems our temperature is hovering around 34 and after is rains a bit, drops below freezing. I was excited about an outside run today, but decided a rest day wouldn't hurt. I did manage to do an hour of yoga and ice my leg a few times.

Left Leg Issues:
Last week I thought I injured my shin muscle from slipping on the ice. Now I am revisiting that idea. When I run on the treadmill it sounds like thud, THUD, thud, THUD.... Big THUD right leg, little thud left leg. And I bob up and down more then I would like. Then this week I took an awkward step and felt my left leg muscles, they were very sore (much more than the right, in fact my right leg feels great). I realized I push off with my left leg. This is doing two things. First, it causes me to overwork my left leg muscles. And second, I push myself upward slightly so that I impact the ground harder with my right foot (and the loud THUD on the treadmill).

To counter I need to concentrate on peeling my left foot off the ground, not pushing off. Lets hope it works.

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