Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jan 13 Workout

I did weights today, and plan to do a combo of upper and lower body on days I go to the gym (Sat, Mon, Wed).
5 min on the bike for a warmup
I did the 5k program at 1% grade, it went up to 2% during run
3.22 total miles
27:56 total time
Avg speed 6mph
- I upped my speed every few minutes, but when it hit 2% grade I really felt it and had to slow down. It was a struggle at about the 15 min mark, but I didn't walk. However, avg speed was 6mph so I would have been better to stay at 6 till the very end, and then speed it up.
- Less bobbing at 7mph
- Rt knee hurt in front when I started to lose form
- When tired I crane my neck up
100 sksks
200 IM (3:15) then 100 k (2:45); repeat 5 times
- IM's held 3:00
100 easy
3x100 IM (2:00); did 1:20; 1:18; 1:20
100 down
2500 total

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