Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan 9 workout

1% grade
2.8 total miles
5 min walk for warmup
25 min run at 6mph
- The gym was busy so I didn't get to do my looseners
- My back felt good, without a lot of focus on posture
- As a new runner I've fully embraced ChiRunning, and I can do it without thinking (it helps that I have no prior form to revert to)
- Again, I watched TV and my neck was a little tight

100 sksks
5x300 on 4:00; try to hold 1:15 pace
- Didn't hold pace; 3:48 to 3:50 ea
100 easy
3x100 kick fast on 2:00
- held 1:40 each
100 down
2000 total
- Felt sluggish today; could be from not doing anything Fri but read, ice, heat, repeat

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