Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Abingdon Gap Shelter

Started at Iron Mt Shelter
Ended at Abingdon Shelter
A very rainy 15.9 miles

Today we started and ended our day with our rain gear on. We didn't stop much because of the rain so we made really good time. At the first road crossing we met two older locals who said we had an 80% chance of rain today and Thursday. When we crossed the road we entered a cow field, complete with cows and cow manure. The trail weaved around the fields and after about a mile we went back into the forest.

After a few quick miles we got to double springs shelter as Shivers and Unknown were leaving. They were planning to hike all the way to Damascus today and had 18 miles to go. We stopped at the shelter for a hot lunch (oatmeal) and as we packed up 3 north bound hikers arrived and 1 south bound hiker. It got crowded fast so we were lucky to leave when we did, but before we left Snickers asks me if the kids could have freeze dried ice cream! A guy at the previous shelter gave it to her to give to us. So the kids got a little trail magic today.

We had our Bobo Bars, a little magic from home, and loved the Cinnamon Raisin flavor the best (hint, hint). We also had a few other snacks along the way but with the intense rain we had to eat standing up.

Our water pump is still very slow and when we arrived at the shelter two ladies (mother and daughter) said they had two extra bottles of water (TRAIL MAGIC!!!!!). Now I had breakfast and dinner water. I used the rest to make a special double dose of Hammer Recoverite.

As dinner was cooking I rushed to get everything organized because I knew people would be showing up soon. As I finished cleaning the kids socks the others showed up, Mission Man and Madison, Snickers, the two from Ohio, and the two trail angels for a total of 11 at the shelter. Dinner was a bit chaotic but we all managed and nothing was spilt. As a treat we took two bars from tomorrow's lunch and split them for tonight.

The shelter was built for 6 and we have 8 in it now, the others are tenting. It also leaks, and as I've said it is really raining, so we setup a pack cover to catch the rain and spread some plastic over all of us to keep drips off. It is 8 and everyone is already in bed.

I was especially happy to see Harvey and Pete laying in bed reading Captain Underpants (lower right of picture). Pete has been carrying it in his pack and loves it. He shows it to other hikers and a lot of the guys have read them. Sydney also had fun at the shelter getting some girl time with Snickers (middle of picture). They brushed hair and talked. Usually Sydney has a fit if she can't sleep next to me but had no problem moving tonight.

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